Ten Candles

                                         Ten Candles           September 9, 1994

Ten lights did shine, not yours or mine, ten candles burned for freedom
With a future vision for you and me, simple things like being free
The flames did face the wind and the rain, the conditions and the pain
Each time a candlelight went out the others candles shone brighter
Many days those candle flames burned, many days with lights exited
A candles life is limited, like the " times of sands" each candle was connected
The wind and rain including pain, each flame did endure
The light of eighty-one from Irelands sons was running out for sure
The first light left with great regret, but showed the rest the way
In times of trouble, those troubled days, a flame burned from day to day
After one flame died in eighty-one, one closely followed another
With the assaults of the elements to the other flames, the night grew darker, just asks an Irish mother
The wind and the rain did come again to fight the flames of change
The light did die from those candle flames, but the elements did not win
The spirit of freedom of those ten candles did show us all the way
The wind and the rain with all the elements can put a candle to death but cannot kill the flame
A lesson has been learned in eighty-one from the flame of peace with pain
Never again will we allow an Irish candle of ours to face the wind and rain
Remember those candles, remember the glow, they depended on us but had to go
Next time at the right time remember the ten candles, light a candle and let each of them know

Gerrard McGeachy

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