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Quit going to Crabby's Saloon
When my Noah starting going there
I was too embarrassing a mother
For my son's opinion I did care

Didn't want to be acting like a young thing
When your babies 21
So I quit going out to dance
Get drunk, have lots of fun

You get old as your children grow
It turns to their generation
No longer your time
For any celebration

So many years away tonight
From closing time I've been
But as a woman with drink
Sometimes I'll still pretend

That I am really young and wild
There is not fear in me
Build a fire, play music loud
For a few hours I am free

Don't let my youth irritate you
If irritation's what it is you hear
Just trying to feel like a kid again
Without this thing called fear
Older, don't mean your dead
So glad to have the chance
To hang out in this country town
Where I do find there's time to dance

Under skies that grow cold and dark
While I keep the fire stoked
Burning wood that's not too dry
Can say I'm really smoked

By the time it's over
Acting like a fool
In a small town out here
Where quiet does rule

Every night it's quiet here
Most go to bed by eight
While I feel like I'm the only
One who ever stays up really late

Last call for alcohol
Is what it is tonight
If you're down at Crabby's
Feeling oh so right

While I'll go out to my back yard
Try to be so quiet
All the town is sleeping now
Don't need to be a riot

With the noise this early Saturday morning
Maybe stoke the fire play my soft guitar
Pretend that I am young again
Out in my yard, the bar

Navy sky out up above
Do not be ashamed
That sometimes you just live your way
A way where you'll be blamed

For being slightly crazy
With the shooters in your brain
I have to be wild sometimes
Or I will go insane

Because growing up is optional
At least here in my mind
Second call for last rounds
Ten minutes 'till closing time.

3/24/2012 0150PST cj

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