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The Warrior

I've been asked many times about my site's title
Why did you choose to use a title such as this?
It was suggested by my good friend Lee Raven

It was called Once A Warrior until I had left here
That action was for many personal reasons then
But after several months & urging from friends

I once again did return here to
I feel that my current site title is a better one
As I have fought more battles than just Vietnam

Some say that once a cop you're always a cop
And even though I was only a cop during the war
Serving as one in addition to my job over there

The content, the character and the morals needed
To stand up for what was right and what was just
Has remained with me for all of my own life since

I was even a reserve police officer after the war
But it was as an unpaid volunteer on the weekends
We'd patrol as a partner with a full time officer

Since there was no full time positions open then
I left to take a job in a manufacturing company
But in my heart, mind and soul I was still a cop

My whole life has been that of serving others first
First I serve my God, I had served our nation too
I also served my town on the Board of Education  

These days in my retirement I now honor all Veterans
Those from the past who fought for our own freedom
And all the other veterans who have served us since

So when I returned here as my friends had asked
I reflected that not only was I once a warrior
During my whole life I was Always A Warrior  

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

For my God, my family, my country, my community
I have always served others first before myself
and as my wife has said many times even though
I was once a cop I have always been a cop doing
the right thing and standing up for and helping
those who needed my help in their own lives.
"To Serve And Protect"

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