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Epitaph 2012

don't be remembered
for an emotion
emotional girl
is what they say you were
you are
a mish mash
of feeling
deemed so not appealing
and often
the colors of your portrait
all the wrong hues
too bad they did not get to know you
when you were alive
they had so many notions
false starts and impressions
could not find the honey in you
those bees
found no nectar
though you were a filled
brimming hive
you were so alive
but it was those whirling
emotions which
kept them away
gave them an excuse not to stay
now we're listening to Lisa
and all of our faces are so long
the mood's overdrawn
like a curtain that's pulled down
over the sky
odd how people say good-bye
before the hello's even begun
i liked your smiling
and when the smile faded
Elisa your pursed lips
turned tail into upside-downs
they were always
mistaking your frowns
not seeing the introspection
and shyness your tried to hide
you had your pride
and a heart as large
as a stallion.

Copyright Wednesday March 28th 2012
Melissa A Howells Meloo of Tilt-a-World

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