The Devils Den

                        The Devils Den       April 2, 2012

They attacked our Celtic boss in Edinburgh town and failed
They tried to kill our Celtic boss, with a package that was mailed
The evil men from the devils den are truly Scotland's shame
From Manchester to Barcelona they tried to ruin the greatest game
With hate in their mind, those bigots are blind, for want of a better name
Every week at the devils home the drums of hate beat at every game
The world is watching Scotland's shame in disgust at the sectarian system
England don't want the wreckage ball that bounces weekly with them
Keep your hate and bigotry to yourself; please don't leave the devils den
You are not welcome in the free word unless you change your ways
Songs of hate from the devils den with the banging of their drum
England don't want your wrecking ball you're United Kingdom scum

                                Gaelic Comrade

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