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When there is no equal treatment under the law and false declarations about justice,

the sanctity of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are denied, hopes are dashed;

and words fall upon ears that have been made deaf by loud empty utterances from

forked tongues. What recourse is left for the oppressed in ameriKKKa ?



 AmeriKKKa is so anti Islam that not even white skin and European ancestry can protect

an adherent from the wrath that is ameriKKKan bigotry. One of the goals for the

establishment of the United States of ameriKKKa was the consolidation and actualization

of the myth of White Supremacy. Only free white land owning males had any right to life,

liberty or the pursuit of happiness. And today,236 years later they haven’t strayed far

from that position.


 Look at the congress, senate, supreme court and Governorsof the

fifty states, you see almost all white faces .Even on the plantations of old you would see

an occasional non white facein the Big White House where master use to stay. Master

would allow his most domesticated human stock; who to him were likehouse pets, rome

his house and grounds keeping it tidy and cleanmuch like Barak Obama does today.



Today in ameriKKKa non-whites in positions of high exposure are token de facto whites

who have been authorized to act on behalf of their masters as long as they are ever mindful

of their positionas token negroes, token Asians and token Hispanics; in essence,de facto whites.

 Some Muslims in an effort to avoid being labeled extremist and being forced to suffer

repercussions and persecution from the non-Muslim majority in ameriKKKa and their, local,

state and federal “Storm Troopers “have accepted the mantle ModerateMuslim; which is a

coy euphemism for a Muslim Uncle Tom, its’acronym being MUT.


 AmeriKKKa finds itself in a dilemma. Should they declare all people whom they dislike to be Muslim?

Should they declare reverend Al “Keeping it Real” Sharpton a Muslim because he is unrelenting in his

quest for truth and justice. Should they stripthe Philadelphia born Chicago based Right Revered Wright

of his right to be Xristian and declare him a Muslim because he is on the side of the oppressed.



Should ameriKKKa declare all fair minded white people to be Black and Muslim;thereby, doubling

their chances and  increasing the possiblity of them being victimized by vigilante justice?

Will ameriKKKa frame Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now”with murder and sentence her to death

row so she can rot in a cell next to Mu’mia Abu Jamaal? What will ameriKKKa do next to deny citizens

of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to live while being black or wearing a hoodie while

eating “Skittles?”


Vigilantism is part and parcel of the fabric of ameriKKKa.The Ku Klux Klan was and is a vigilante

organization.Barak Obama is an international vigilante.If we do indeed learn by example, what

examples have welearned from observing the White House. What have we learned from the

president of these United States? We have learned that we can kill any ameriKKKan citizen that

we perceive as athreat to us; whether that threat is reality or just imaginary.Barak Obama kills

U.S. Citizens whenever he feels like itwithout affording them due process of law. No trial, no jury

or conviction is necessary if he feels that they are a threat. He murdered U.S. Born citizen Anwar

Al-Awlaki and his 17 yearold son in a lawless vigilante like fashion reminiscent to howGeorge

Zimmerman murdered 17 year old Trayvon Martin.Obama and Zimmerman, both criminals,

believe they are abovethe law. And both Obama and Zimmerman act as though theybelieve no

one can or will stop their criminal behavior. So, why is George Zimmerman being singled out for

doing What Obama does with impunity on a regular basis?



He sends unmanned drones to kill and maim Muslim men, women and children on a daily

 basis as he violates the international boundaries of sovereign governments. He kills his own

 citizens in a fashion not unlike totalitarian regimes that ameriKKKa often criticizes. He kills 

U.S.citizens as well as non-citizen by his outlandish outlaw tactics.We all remember how

 “Federal Storm Troopers” of the Obama admistration on the 28th of October 2009 in Detroit 

Michigan murdered Imam Luqman because they claimed he had a fire arm.


Who calls attention to our concerns? Who addresses our plight? Constantly I have heard the

 refrain: Follow the leadership !Who do we as Muslims have that has the “testicular fortitude”

and national stature to speak out on our behalf and be heard? It seems no one knows what 

to say, until they hear some one else say it. There is no cry, no screaming in outrage until 

some one else says it is OK to do so. Everyone just seems to be waiting for the chorus to 

sing before adding their voice.Then like parrots we sing along... joining in, like parrots saying 

what everyone else is saying.


Well, I didn't need the death of Trayvon Martin to tell me thatall ain't right in ameriKKKa.

 Muslims are the victims of vigilantism every day here in ameriKKKa; no one is taking to the 

streets in outrage for us, not even us! Just last weekend the 24th of March 2012, Sister Shaima 

Al Wadi a 32 year old mother offive who had immigrated here from Iraq to escape the death, 

devastation and destruction caused by George Bush, died in a San Diego California hospital as a 

result of an assault by an ameriKKKan vigilante who waited for her husband to leave the house 

then cowardly slithered in and beat her todeath. This murderous snake left a note which said, 

“go back to where you came from terrorist.”


 Everyday Muslim men women and children are killed by vigilante injustices perpetrated by 

Obama through unmanned drones and “Special Operation Troops” throughout Africa and the 

Middle East; in places like Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan,Obama’s forces kill 

Muslims with regularity. And no one has taken to the streets in outrage. AmeriKKKa is no refuge

or safe haven for Black folks or Muslims. And it is doubly troubling if you happen to be both Muslim

and black. Who voices our outrage?Who speaks on behalf of us? Where is our leadership? 

Where is our Al Sharpton?                                                                      


 Abu Lateef Babatunde                                                                 


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