The soul has much to say

God's gifts...

It happens
every year

Winter kisses
spring goodbye

Venturing to
my favorite park

Taking my
customary spot

Northeast bench
Catty-corner to all

Closed eyes
heightens other senses

Popcorn aroma
Sweet smell of vanilla

Laughter of the little girl
with the curl

Excited pup chasing down
his young master

Gentle southern breeze
Summer is coming for me

Cherry gelato
with a hint of lemon

Opening my portals
Seeing the world at its finest

Always thought about
the gifts that are children

Many conversations with God
Yet, my dreams remain as such

Fishing with my son
Forging that special bond

Father-daughter dates
on a Saturday afternoon

It's weird how it
plays out in your head

The heart aches
from such visions

Time to read
His word

Psalms 23
sounds good

Dusk arrives
Here comes the moon

Better start
walking home

Just me

and my hopes  

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God`s gifts...

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