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Complain, he did, to whomever
he could persuade to listen.
The pained words would multiply,
as the spittle of discontent
formed on his lips and his forehead
seeped and glistened:

"The only man she ever loved
was her big old tabby cat.
The only largess she had was
that she was corpulent and fat.
You could scarcely put your arms
around her middle for all her wide
waist and bunchy hair...and she
rarely gave away hints that
(for me)
she nurtured only passing cares!"

"When she cast me off as 
a no longer comfortable shoe...
and couldn't find a way to fit me in again...
no longer one of her favorite hobbies...
I became 
a man alone again,
out in the cold, boo-hoo?"

A little false assessment goes a long way, sir
for self-indulgent men and boys.
Who sometimes make minor miscalculations
based on their failing romantic ploys.
If they had only learned to make or generate
the right kind of happy noise?
And kneaded, needed or purred?
Surely, a man can learn to be demure!

To think...
he might have had some cream.
All that he could drink.
Or tried to share within her dreams.

Compromising sometimes occasionally suffices.
Thinking of others first selflessly
and forgoing your own self-serving devices.
But sometimes we get what we deserve 
and  hungry Toms miss many nice mices...
and then fate takes its final swerve
for the Tom Cat who cannot hang his hat
so rarely finds his home
and courts the company of his vices.

Copyright December 26, 2011 All Rights Reserved By this Author
Melissa A Howells Meloo from her Tilt-a-World

Copyright April 8 2012 all rights reserved by the author
Meloo of Tilt-a-World
Melissa A Howells...second revision....

Me thinks sometimes men create complexes where none exist
and thus brew up a batch of their own misery.

Aw it pays to have humility and a sense of humor.
That way we all learn about ourselves.

Its ditto for the women as well; but this poems isn't about that, at least
not today.

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