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There was a time and a place so long ago
When we all had manners and we used them
To do otherwise would've been unthinkable

We were brought up to respect our elders
We were courteous and polite to everyone
To act any other way would reflect badly

If we were sassy or rude to our neighbors
There'd be hell to pay when you got home
Since the neighbors would call your mother

Kids today really have no sense of values
They couldn't care less about any others
I call these kids today the "Me Generation"  

Everything revolves around them in their world
It's a lack of values and respect never learned
For their parents were too busy to teach them

Afraid they'd upset or damage their little ego's
These self centered brats always got their way
Now years later everyone wonders what happened

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Today while shopping at the grocery store, I had witnessed
first hand what might soon be our worse generation here in
America. There were several children all under 10 years old
who were throwing a big fit in the store because their mom
had said they didn't need anymore candy, the three younger
ones (all girls)started screaming at her and crying so she
just pretended she didn't hear them screaming loudly. She
just ignored them. So instead all the rest of us shoppers
were having our ears assaulted by these three girls, then
her two older boys starting yelling at her too saying she
was a big _itch where upon I asked these spoiled brats who
they thought they were? Before any of her kids answered me,
this meek and mild mother suddenly screamed at me to just
mine my own Freaking business. Well if there had been any
doubts in my mind at all as to where these kids learned
their manners, it was quickly made very clear to me that
it was from their mother that they learned their manners
and how they should act in public. The manager came over
and told her if she couldn't control her children they'd
all have to leave the store immediately where upon they
all stormed out screaming and yelling at each other and
everyone else in sight.

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