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 The Chihuahua and the Great Dane

Running on the trails at Dabney last year;
My partner was Cate, a friend so very dear.
We are a wondrous sight striding together;
Running on the trails, no matter the weather.

Now Cate, she stands beautifully at six foot tall;
While much shorter; I'm actually quite small.
We have run races, blazed trails, ran the roads;
Our friendship is the source of so many odes.

We emerged out of the trail onto the grounds;
Sweating, bleeding, and laughing like hounds.
Briars tore our flesh, but we enjoyed the run;
Gawking at us were several men, a tale is spun.

Cate wondered aloud what they may be thinking;
I had the answer, and I spoke without winking.
A Chihuahua, a Great Dane, and a can of Red Bull;
We laughed so hard, our joy was completely full.

Legend grew from this precious moment in time;
Today, I wish to remember it in this little rhyme.
Laughing whenever this life becomes a little insane;
At the tale of the Chihuahua and the Great Dane.


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