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Georgie's Daddy ( revised 2012)

Georgie's daddy was the president.
Georgie's daddy went to war.
Now Georgie's gone and done
what his daddy did before.
With the eager encouragement
of his lap dog Tonee Blair
he called for war on I-Raq
and sent our troops out there.
Old George only did enough
to prove that he had won.
Bet young Georgie wishes
that's just what he had done,
for despite his vast experience
in the Florida national guard
young Georgie's finding victory
just a little hard.
With the body bags a growing
and elections drawing near
this isn't quite
what the people want to hear.
Now young George is stuck with I – raq
praying for release
‘cos young Georgie and his buddies
never planned the peace.
Now so many years later
neither George or Tonee will confess
they stirred up a hornet's nest
and just left one H of a mess.

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Georgie`s Daddy ( revised 2012)