This poem was written in memory for ten men who laid down their lives for Ireland and freedom

                                                               To-morrow                         December 1984

The night is dark, I'm all alone, bruised and feeling pain
I'm full of fear, I cry a tear, the morning I won't see
My body broken, bruised and bare, their torture was in vain
My eyes have gone, but still I see, my children growing free
It's many days since I came here, why they would not say
Being Irish is my crime, for this my life I pay
No crime, no jury, a judge they say, passed sentence for the crown
No civil rights, no reason given, just keep the Irish down
My life it passes as I lie here, I think of times gone by
My wife, my child, my father dear, before my eyes they fly
Our children grow, and the years will show, to nations far and near
That the children on the street where the drums did beat, will love this country dear
We'll march again like Irishmen, across our country our feelings we'll show
No more our names will find abuse, just watch this nation grow
Those years gone by, no more we'll cry, no loss of life we'll see
To-morrow holds a future bright, no border will there be
Those years gone by, they make me cry, my family so far but near
My child, this land, why should it be, that we should live in fear
From my deathbed, I pray for peace all across this land
The north, the south, and all the people, united they will be
They'll put behind them the years of toil, the bigotry and the shame
United they will stand again, to be proud of Irelands name
We'll light the flame of peace, lets all join hand in hand
We can finally tell our children there's peace in Ireland
I cry no more, no pain I feel, no sound my voice does make
My time has come, my life has passed, the final trip I make
Again I'll see the children dear, the old with watchful eye
They'll play again as children should, no more we'll see them cry
Our land has changed, the troubles gone, now all men live in peace
No more I breathe, no more I pain, my life was not in vain

                         " Bobby Sands 1981 R, I, P "

                             Gerrard McGeachy

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