My Final Deed

                   My Final Deed

When the final day comes I must be strong and do my final deed
I must walk tall to my valley of darkness in my lonely moment of need
I'll walk in the footsteps that my Irish heroes walked before
I'll pray inside and walk with pride as I leave my Irish shore
My comrades will be on my mind, I can see their Irish smile
I'll not be alone as I make my trip, Bobby's by my side
Irish heroes are all around me, we walk together with pride
A nation once again is the chorus, it is the martyr's song
My reception in my final moments is special in my time of need
Thirty-two will happen soon and party will begin,
I say goodbye to Ireland, I'll be with you at your party
My final day has happened, I walk my path in peace

                     Gerrard McGeachy    April 23, 2012

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My Final Deed

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