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Unemployment Challenges

Many know challenges come with unemployment
But God gives hope in each stage of development
As I reflect upon areas He has brought me through
In the last few weeks I pray it also encourages you

When I thought I found alternative health insurance
Application denied due to medical history incidents
Waiving Cobra in a month I needed another option
Suitable coverage to accept pre-existing conditions

Other quotes offered only discounts on prescriptions
More out of pocket expense for my budget limitations
Others restricted benefits with one year waiting for PE
God knew my situation and He worked it all out for me

God led me to an email I had saved for a reason last year
Contacting the company last week good news I did hear
No deductibles or limits on prescriptions with set co-pays
Cobra HIPPA certificate waives one year pre-existing away

Complete policy benefit package is being sent in the mail
With coverage exclusions, but God will provide and prevail
Then in six months I will qualify for government insurance
Major medical coverage with only slight premium variance

I also have been approved for individual dental insurance
With option to add vision later for extra premium expense
While it is not a necessity for limited coverage it provides
Worth the low monthly cost when major dental work arises

A challenge still unresolved regards filing for disability
I completed a questionnaire for free legal counsel Friday
When a representative called asking for more information
They could not assist me with my current voice condition

Explaining I would have to completely lose use of my voice
Also there are other types of jobs I can do was basis of advice
One main stipulation is being unable to work for at least a year
I have already proved that wrong with the recent temp job here

She has a point because of my skills for data entry positions
At the same time, my specialist agrees that I have limitations
But due to criteria above, how can I justify filing for disability
When I believe God has a plan for me by His divine authority

© Carol S. 4/23/12

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