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Superior to the Angels

The Son became superior,
Being greater than the angels;
Though they may be inferior,
From them you will hear no grumbles.

You are my Son says the Father,
When He sent Him into the world;
And He made Him our Brother,
As God did watch His plan unfurled.

All angels joyful and not grim,
Being messengers for the Son;
As all of them did worship Him,
Preparing what was to be done.

He makes His messengers as wind,
His servants were flames of fire;
Telling all of those who have sinned,
Stop their personal desire.

His throne forever shall it be,
With the scepter in His kingdom;
Acute hearing keen eyes to see,
His reign with justice and wisdom.

He always loves all that is right,
But hates anything that is wrong;
And as a blessing in His sight,
Your agony will not prolong.

The Lord was from the very start,
Laid the foundation of the earth;
And making Heaven from the heart,
Then in His image gave us birth.

The Word made flesh is still living,
And sharper than a two-edge sword;
Is fair and just and forgiving,
Our merciful living Lord.

Copyright   2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Superior to the Angels