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Dead End Blues

Is there a crossroads in evolution that
We humans must face;
Take the wrong turning to dead end the
Once vigorous human race.

Have we lost the power of decision?
Are we no good on our own?
I've just been in the supermarket,
Seen this bloke on his cell phone
Asking his partner to tell decide
Which baked beans he should buy
One brand is cheaper than another
But he really doesn't know why.

Should he buy the cheap ones
Even though he hasn't had a taste,
Be good to save some money but
Should he risk the possible waste.
She's humming and hawing and
Just can't make up her mind
And he's standing in my way
Which is just a bit of a bind.

I wish I had the courage to
Throw his cell out of the door
Tell him to use his brain and
He won't need it any more.
But, being truly british
I mutter under my breath
and imagine in my mind
Striking him a slow painful death

Does the cell phone cause brain damage?
Most I see with cells clamped to the head
Seem trapped in worlds of their own creation
And by their conversation already brain dead.


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Dead End Blues