once upon a time 
  john Mc Guckin

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I would've done it,, could've done it
Was going to do it. Know I should've, 
But then again I would've If only I hadn’t stopped  
remembered why I didn’t do anything
It was because I wouldn’t accept responsibility for my actions.
Looking back and, I repeat, that in retrospect
I was afraid of failure and ridicule
All the things that should not have mattered.
I would've achieved and could've
 Instead of stepping forward and to hell with the consequences
I thought, should I do it?  Answer wasn’t no
It's always one of, but I would've if only.
Too late to go back and undo all the thinking.
Have to say I would've, could've and should've. 
Where do I go from here? What do I do now? 
Well, think about it. You would have to change, 
Should I change, hmm? Okay
Guess I could've years ago, Not now,
Would and should if only I could.

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