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 Yoga  part 26

While sitting in meditation,
Stillness calls to me softly,
Whispering her secret…
“Balance, my friend, balance;
Seek it like treasured gold.
Find that place within that
Brings your soul peace.
Sit a little longer with me;
Relax and release the stress.
Don't rush away into the day.
Wash in my waterfall
Of gentleness.”

I sit, motionless, listening…
Wondering about what I heard
My mind whirls,
Then she is gone into memory.

Watching the ripples in the water
Created by my thoughts;
Relaxing my judgments…
Just watching…

Stillness returns slowly;
Quietly sitting with me.
She whispers again to me,
“Do not war or fight,
But relax your weapons.
Balance is the fruit of love
And patience.
Release your rights.
Relinquish your grasp
For the power.
Live in balance, my friend;
Live in balance.”


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