For the mothers of soldiers
All over the world
I know how you feel
How your mind has been hurled
Into the hope that your kid comes home
Because war is a place
Where our precious kids roam
To other countries
To be fighting for peace
When we are here wondering
And praying wars cease
That our babies we grew
Don't have to see
Others once alive
Turned to fatality
I know how you feel
My tears turn to streams
Streams run to rivers it seems
Then oceans are grown by our dropping of salt
When we know that the wars are not mother's fault
Glad that we raised them
Best that we could
Independent and strong
To do the world good
But how good are wars
As we grieve for the ones
Who have died in the battles
That were never the fun
Of the childhood's they knew
As we kept them safe
Now they are somewhere in some hellish place
We were cannot protect them
We've lost all control
And as for myself
It's killed some of a soul
That was glad to be woman
Never drafted or had to see
The thing that so many go to fight for bravely
So here I will sit
In a room
In some town
Keeping my chin up
For my kid not around
The place he grew up in
O place where he grew
O son that I have faith in
I'm your mother who loves you
Perhaps more than the others
Because the others here stand
Never had to go into some far away land
Where your gun was your best friend
And the days were so long
Fighting for reasons
That seem to take so long
To get over in the dark of the night
I pray that the mothers of soldiers see light
In the darkness of war that we had nothing to do with
May this little poem  I write give you a lift
Because I know how you feel
And I know war is real
It's not something a mom wants
As they're gone how it haunts
The child we seen growing
The baby we once grew
So to mothers of soldiers
I am praying for you
That you keep on living
You make your memories strong
You find comfort in some silly song
That you are standing strong like your child asked you for
As it is what I give and how I would love to give more
Like a hug
Or the drug of love
The strength of being twenty
All I give is my words
They come out of me plenty
So you try to write too
Write all your tears away
And may your kids be safe until next Mothers' Day.

5/3/2012 1256 cj

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