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Societal pressure more damaging than
The driven rain during a hurricane,
Emotional turmoil causing trauma while
Scaring the psyche damaging both heart and 
brain, ameriKKKan society spawns the insane.
A nation of consumers New millennium Slaves 
taking credit card debt to the grave,
Advertisements telling you what to buy but not 
telling why, 
Shop until you drop... when will this consumer 
madness stop?
Hurry to stand in line hoping to find that super 
saver deal ... that really ain’t real,
Lowering an over inflated marked-up price
Making you feel nice ... because you are getting 
to pay the normal price… 
Snake-eyes you still lose!
Extraordinary mind control Techniques  
Employed to create and maintain a populace
Of ameriKKKan ZOMBIES and FREAKS,  
Programmed from birth to close their eyes in a 
vain effort to avert reality, 
Telling you only the news they feel you need to know,
Keeping your mind in a confused flow,
Foolish enough to think you are getting a deal,
Wake up and be for real, 
Programmed news designed to mold your views
and stagnate you brain,
So, you’ll believe as they tell you to ...
As they bring the PAIN.
No opinions of your own because they have
DUMMIED you down to the bone,
Radio, TV and other media venues ... served 
up on your menue ... giving you a variety of ways
To be led astray.
ameriKKKas' propaganda machine is designed
to wash your brain clean of independent 
Something you won't find on corporate TV  
Nor, in a store can it be bought.
Distracting your mind to keep you spiritually
and intellectually blind.
Making the unreal your reality while you 
stumble about in a world of dubiousity,
Caring more about your hair then what's inside 
of your head,
As your relatives return home from the war 
crazy or dead,
Your nation has intentionally misguided and
misinform by design ... to distract your mind  
By getting you hooked on partying, porno, 
reefer and wine,
Telling you its fine to dine on the flesh of the 
weak and oppressed, sending you for a LOOP
With the Mantra ... Support Our Troops!
Imprisoned in your own mind through state run 
Victimized by your own government which
Needs to repent and stop its devilishment,
Needs to stop the games it plays I'm talking 
about ameriKKKa spelled with three kays,
Wake up and you will discover why your hearts 
are confused and minds perplex, you have been 
victimized by the Neo-Con Controlled media ... 
put under a HEX ... by the military industrial 
complex ... controlled by Cowardly fascist
who love to flex.

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