ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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If you do not want us here in your FREE LAND
Why did you drag our fore parents here in 
Why did you attempt to rob us our history and 
What is the connection, is it our complexion
Is it specifically our Islamic way of life you hate?
Take a minute and contemplate... 
Why have you identified us as PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE,
You’re the one attempting to BOGART the 
world with the barrel of your gun… so, why are 
innocent Muslims being labeled 
Have any Muslims kicked in your door and 
beat you down to the floor?
Are Muslims invading your lands and stealing 
your resources,
Murdering your people with military forces?
Has a Muslim tortured you today or is that what 
ameriKKKans do to innocent Muslim at 
Guantanamo Bay?
You decimated Nagasaki and Hiroshima
Upon the A-bombs construction,
In Afghanistan and Iraq still more 
Mushroom clouds resulting from combustion, 
sheer terror and human elimination, adroit when 
it comes to decimating a nation,
Killing, pillaging, misappropriating,
Exploiting land and sea...
From your "DIABOLICS" not even the
Depth of the oceans can keep a creature free,
Not even the depth of the oceans' floor
Can stop your greed, your gluttony creating an
Insatiable need ... in VULTURISTIC
Fashion ... upon the weak you do feed
A maniacal master of death and
Destruction in both words and deeds,
A human being or a spawn of the devils seed?
Ripping open the belly of an oyster to rob it of 
its’ pearl... 
Building up euro-ameriKKKa as you
TEAR DOWN the world.
In place of peaceful coexistence… disruption, 
Instead of fair dealing ... corruption,
Greed ... brings you elation...
 It will also be the cause of your down
 Fall and eternal humiliation,
 Do you realize the Supreme Penalty
 You’ll be facing on Judgment Day?
 Time is running out...

Abu Lateef Babatunde

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