ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Only requirement for entry among ladies and 
A history of immorality with no sense of 
Spanish, Dutch, French, English, German and 
Irish came, 
All Europeans in name… names that loom large
In ameriKKKa's Hall of Shame,
In protest to the xenophobic white supremacists 
The Liberty Bell cracked in rebellion to the
 Lie they labeled a democracy,
 Like Crazy Horse when he said, "this is a good 
day to die"
 Bell refused ... to ring out a lie
Yellow hair, two faced, speaks with forked 
Bell rebelled and would not be rung or be 
among those who give only lip service to 
Bell in her silence cursed this nation… 
Bell damned this nation,
Hence forth known as "Bells Damnation"
Star Spangled Bullies in ameriKKKa's Hall of 
Masters of deceit although not creators of the 
Demanding their own liberation while enslaving 
generation after generation on “genteel” 
Southern plantation,
Finding time on the side to commit acts of 
Sweet land of Liberty or a wilderness of 
Marched in mass from the Futa Jallon to the 
coast of Sierra Leone,
Population looted, people up-rooted, family 
Hopes and homes forsaken... 
From this nightmarish reality will they ever 
Point I'm make'n, “The Middle Passage” was 
no pleasure cruise or paid vacation,
Never had they entertained the notion
Of becoming cargo... shackled in chains and 
shipped across the ocean,
Victimized by progenitors of hate, the modern 
day supporters of the racist apartheid Zionist 
Supporters of one another… 
Collaborators in Sin...
Humans who submit to and worship a party of 
the Jinn,
Only a criminal would lock minds and souls in 
daylight saving time, 
Working overtime at being broke,
Neck in The Great Recession’s rope, 
Neck broke about to choke... 
Life is death and many can see no hope,
Autumn, minds and hearts have fallen back
Sling'n… deal'n crack… once slaves 
involuntarily in iron chains... 
Offspring, off the hook, new millennium slaves... 
Decked out in chains of platinum and gold ... 
Africa's lost souls ... bling bling,
Stuck in the Negro Only Section of The 
ameriKKKan Hall of Shame,
You don't have to remain ... regain your souls... 
refuse to fit the mold... 
Give up the blood diamonds and blood laden 
Allow your souls to escape the Shaitan’s hold...
Minds free to surge forward, Spring forward,
Stay forward, never falling back, like Bell rebel 
in protest... 
Never accept the lie of the trinity,
Islam is your manifest destiny,
Raise your fist, resist, rebel, divest, contest, and 
Of your self ... take charge,
So your name will not loom large...
In the Colored Only Section of the 
ameriKKKan Hall of Shame,
Spread it about; proclaim it loud to the crowd... 
Make'n it plain, you won't be victims of the 
Devil's game,
And maybe one day Liberty Bell will break her 
silence and sound, 

Abu Lateef Babatunde

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