I know the "city" must get to some of you
You have no place to go
For a moment of peace
You have no deer
You have no owls
You have no nice neighbors
You just have a life
What kind of a life?
Is it a life that's worth living?
Are you weary and giving
Your soul to the cement
I know you are spent
And I feel for you
See I do
As I wonder if there's a place for you
With even a touch of heaven to see
I will pray for you constantly
That you find
Somewhere to see it's kind
So don't be blind
To God's green Earth
As your image is God's
But you have been robbed
In the masses somewhere
How I care
About how you seem to seek
Stirring up chint
In the fit
Of your frustration
Count to ten
Smile again
It's all in your attitude
Don't be so rude!
For God's sake!
For your sake!
Get some wheels
Ride into the country
Where it's way more than nothing
That's going to fill your inner being
Can you hear what I'm seeing?

4/9/2012 1500 cj

I mean no disrespect to "city" folk.
Many of them learn to be happy there
But if you are not
Maybe it's time for a drive
Out in the country.

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