Transformation in the Making - Contemporary Poetry by Deidre Washington

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Holding my breathe as I count to 10
Forward and back again
Controlling the savage within

Imagery running through my mind
Devils heads, burning beds
With crawling copperheads in mind

Circuming daily to demoralization
On every plane of every level
Dehumanizing the human to nothingness

Entrapment of Enterprise
You act like we don't realize
The evilness in your lies

Envious cause I wont IDOLIZE
Simple minds with eyes on short term prize
My long term goal is soul completion

Instead I absorb myself
In elder wisdom and universal sight
Understanding this plight

Eyes opened wide
Able to peer through the web
The MATRIX is alive

Walking blindly darkness
Inconceivable to me
Allowing someone to lead

Black holds its own light
For it engulfs all light
Therefor my birthright

Etched in stone
Atop a pyramid by my ancestors
Favor constructed for creation

Surely we will
Reclaim the Throne once owned
Restoring natural order in the fold

Invoke the warrior who resides in me
How dare to question my authority
Conditioning plays the role of control

Try to keep my soul enslaved
I fly high above all hidden shame
Your lies disgust and defeat

One day it will be defined
Our role our place our destiny
One repressed now enlightened



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