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 Harry Sweeden. My life in verse.

Yesterday was my birthday,
another year has gone
57 years have flown on by
though some have surely shone…

My thirteenth year was special
this was when I learnt to dream
and the very first time I kissed a girl
and then hoped of what could be?

My fifteenth year was crazy
this was when I first left school
the rules I broke would see me pay
and walk away the fool.

My sixteenth year showed promise
one weekend counted nine!
but I remember not one single name
just a memory of that time.

My seventeenth year disaster
I was finally locked away
I spent two months running scared
of the mind games people play.

Then five months knowing freedom
I was locked away once more
there was a fight, someone got hurt
the state was keeping score.

My nineteenth year saw love grow
till I was almost twenty one
then twelve months locked in prison
saw my future had begun.

From twenty two till twenty five
true love was in my heart
but fate had deemed this not to be
and tore my love apart.

The next two years were cast away
till once more I was caged
I committed no crime but ceased to care
I just lived a life of rage.

My twenty eighth year saw freedom
a freedom never known
I was cast away in a foreign land
a land my past had sewn.
I fell in love once more and vowed
I’d die if this love fails
but fail it did and my hope was lost
just one more chapter to my tale.

Then in Eighty six I finally wed
my bride a beauty rare
when I kissed her lips my heart would race
but I found it hard to care?

Nineteen months later my first child was born
Jessica Tahl is her name
such a beautiful child and she was mine…
life would never again be the same.

But something inside me had somehow just died
I was not the man I once was
I was troubled and angry and misunderstood
and nothing in my life felt good.

So I returned to the land that had promised so much
but found only the truth I had spurned
so much fighting and killing and bloodlust in all
how I wished I could have unlearned.

Then Nicola Li my second child was born
and she brought so much to my life
I was now a father of two little girls
but I was not a good man to my wife.

Then Monica Leor my third child was born
my life felt almost complete
though in the still of the night I could hear my wife calling
but found only a quiet place to weep.

So in two thousand and three I returned to my past life
and have since contemplated my fall
the pain and the anger so deeply embedded
and the heights that I reached for… to tall.

So yesterday was my birthday
I have now turned fifty eight
I am sure there’s much to live for…
but what..? I guess I’ll wait!

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