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Blood dripped down the curves
Of the baby grand 
And music notes fade
Save God- save
I made myself go back here
Attempting to cure -the cracks 
On the backs -of each wall
Memories trying to unleash
inside I almost died
-looking behind
Remenising on love and purity
Undeserving protection
And unconditional faithfulness 
God created us- 
made me a fortunate soul
No toll - to my ticket back home 
Rather- I gather- the absence of my most 
Valued belonging
An empty place-  replaced-
by memories of laughs, cries and joys 
The noise -of a chorus 
Before us -is cracked walls 
Come home and I'll swear-
I'll wear- the presences with more kindness   
Selfish ambitions quenched by
An attitude of a willing self   
health- and restoration
No more procrastination 
And memories can go back
 In their cracks - and spaces
Races for your heart 
Will beat out- in part
normal will find you,
And the pictures will go back in their box
And well put locks on
The  bleeding piano

BLEEDING PIANO© To Mom Love, Dayna

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Bleeding Piano