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 ~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`


Uploaded by VeteransMTC on Oct 19, 2011 From a -described "happy kid" to a determined Marine - Bryan returned home thinking he'd forever lost the ability to feel. Hear him tell how he overcame IEDs, post traumatic stress, and the unique challenges of a long-distance romance. Bryan got his life on a better track with help from VA About Make the Connection MakeTheConnection.net helps Veterans recognize that they are not alone— there are people out there like them who are going through similar experiences, overcoming challenges, reaching positive outcomes for treatment and recovery, and finding paths to fulfilling lives. These messages are conveyed through the most credible source of all—the voices of other Veterans. Make the Connection is a public awareness campaign by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that provides candid, personal testimonials and resources to help Veterans discover ways to improve their lives. Many of our Nation's Veterans—from those who served in World War II to those involved in the current conflicts to those who have never deployed— can benefit from hearing the\ of others and gaining greater awareness of the resources that are available to help them move forward with their lives. ~*` TRIBUTE TO MILITARY MOTHERS'`*~ ~`*~`~~`*~`~ ~`*~`~`THE MOTHER OF A SOLDIER`~`*~`~ ~`*~`~~`*~`~              The mother of a soldier-- hats off to her, I say! The mother of a soldier who has gone to face the fray; She gave him to her country with a blessing on his head -- She found his name this morning in the long list of the dead: "Killed --Sergeant Thomas Watkins,while leading on the rest, A Bible in his pocket and a portrait on his breast!" ~`*~`~~`*~`~ The mother of a soldier-- she gave him to her land; She saw him on the transport as he waved his sun-browned hand; She kissed him through the teardrop sand,  she told him to be brave; Her prayers went night and morning with her boy upon the wave. ~`*~`~~`*~`~          The mother of a soldier --her comfort and her joy, She gave her dearest treasure when she gave her only boy; She saw the banners waving, she heard the people cheer; She clasped her hands and bravely looked away to hide a tear.   ~`*~`~~`*~`~ The mother of a soldier --ah! cheer the hero deed, And cheer the brave who battle'neath the banner of their creed; But don't forget the mothers, through all the lonely years That fight the bravest battles on the sunless field of tears. ~`*~`~~`*~`~          Nay, don't forget the mothers --the mothers of our children, Who see them go and never know that they'll come back again; That give them to their country, to battle and to die, Because the bugles call them and the starry banners fly. ~`*~`~~`*~`~ The mother of a soldier --hats off to her, I say! Whose head is bowed in sorrow with its tender locks of gray. She gave without regretting, though her old heart sorely bled When she found his name this morning in the long list of the dead: "Killed -- Sergeant Thomas Watkins,while leading on the rest, His dear old mother's portrait clasped upon his hero breast!" ~`*~`~~`*~`~ `PASSING ON AND SHARING THIS VERY PATRIOTIC TRIBUTE` ~WRITTEN BY:~ ~`*~`~~`Folger McKinsey`~~`*~`~ ~`*~`~~`*~`~                                              TO ALL: We must not forget those that gave everything for us! ~`*~`~~`*~`~ PLEASE BOW IN HONOR AND SAY A PRAYER FOR ALL OUR `WARRIOR HEROES`, ~`HERE~THEN~HEREAFTER~` ~`PRESENTED WITH LOVE AND HONOR OF COUNTRY`~ `LAYOUT, GRAPHICS AND MUSIC PRESENTATIONS ONLY, BY:`MARY JANE'S POETRY `NEVER ENDING CIRCLE OF LOVE` BY`JANIE/MUJIB1954` Re Post ©*2011* 'MJB' ~`*~`~ `Reviewed In Honor Of All Military MOMS, whose children are in foreign lands protecting our freedom AS `MOTHER'S DAY IS CELEBRATED NATIONWIDE!` `HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY WITH GOD'S BLESSINGS TO ALL! with Love on Mother's Day to: All Mothers from Military Sons and Daughters.. to all Spouses and Children of 'Military Soldiers' May You All Be Blessed On This `Special Day` with Comfort of Heart and Peace of Mind with Knowledge that our `Lord God Savior` Is FOREVER In Complete Control Watching Over Each and Every One of You! `SACRED HEART OF JESUS! `WE PLACE OUR TRUST IN YOU! `AMFN!` WITH PEACE OF HEART AND GOD'S BLESSINGS' Janie/Mujib1954 MAY ©*2012* ~~~ `Edited With New Video in Honor of Mother's Day! *May 13*©*2012* `MAY YOU ALL HAVE A HAPPY AND BLESSED MOTHER'S DAY! **********************************************************

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