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 Magic in the Mat

Life sweeps me off center, stress attacks and binds;
Sensing imbalance, my energies completely wasted.
Lethargy, depression, sadness, and gloom anchors;
Time for an act of faith, and that magic in the mat.

Feeling like some blasted fool, why am I going to try?
Balance seems miles and miles away; out of reach.
Purposely stepping into the battleground of yoga;
Breathing fully; waiting for the magic in the mat.

The forces that blind me shackle my body in chains;
Wanting to surrender, this war is to hard tonight.
Rising within like a Phoenix is a fire while in pigeon.
Exploding are the bindings; the magic in the mat.

Power races throughout my body, mind, and breath;
Electricity lights up my every nerve with energy.
Alert, relaxed, stable, focused, balanced… enabled;
With reverence, thanking this old magic in the mat.


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