We The People

                                             “ We The People”

“We The People” those special words in the country of the U.S.A.
George Washington surely not a terrorist, did finally have his way
He fought for freedom from England, and united his country dear
Two hundred or more long years ago, those Americans made it clear
Their intention was to set an example, to gain their liberty
The Yankees did crush mother England, they made their country free
Time passes in the land of America, with freedom the Irish don't have
How different was Washington from Wolfetone, both rebels did fight for a cause
Together with brother and sister, those patriots now and then
Died for independence and freedom, It's happening all over again
The day will come, with Americas help, those words the Irish will say
To the people of  Africa and Ireland, freedoms on the way
The children of all countries will live together in peace without fear
Those three special words will be heard in all lands, sing them loud and clear

                                        Gerrard McGeachy

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