Famine 2012

                                     Famine 2012       May 15, 2012

In Ireland things are not so good as the future still unfolds
They tell us we need to pay more, that's what the future holds
The struggle of our leaders that made the changes of the day
But today with euro rulers, it's more expensive every day
From Donegal to County Cork as our children face New York
Take the trip or face the euro with no future here at home
The children of Ireland with Irish dreams are leaving that's how it seems
They follow the trend of their forefathers, forced to go away
To earn a dollar away from home, this is the price we pay
Its been said before about an Australian beach or a lonely New York bar
They can meet over there with a Guinness on the side, or drive a fancy car
We think about them often, we can Skype or send a text
Will it be your child or mine who takes that flight and goes away?
Good luck to the children of Ireland in the country of their choice
Good luck in your new land, Let us here your Irish voice
Tell the world about the Irish and the folks you left at home
About the struggle of our leaders that made the changes of the day
Be a proud child of Ireland, be Irish every day

                         Gerrard McGeachy

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