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This is the motto of the British & Australian SAS
SAS stands for Special Air Service for both nations
They are made up from very specialized individuals

Primarily their members come from the Air Service
But they also draw from other service branches too
Each are specialist but are crossed trained as well

Each man can do another's job should they lose a man
These men are the very best of the best in the world
But you rarely if ever hear of their own operations

It's this cloak of secrecy that serves them so well
For it gives them this advantage over their enemies
And is the main reason that they are very successful

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Just a short tribute to some pretty awesome warriors
who I had the privilege to meet at a local orphanage
outside of Can-Tho city one Sunday afternoon while
their medic had treated some of the orphans. Both of
our groups had members who volunteered with helping
some local Catholic nuns to care for the orphans on
the only day we got off each week. Despite what some
people might have thought then or still think today
as to all of us just being mindless killers or thugs
we did care very much about the welfare of these kids
and would get people back at home to send us packages
with clothes and toys for these orphans which helped
them to survive what no kid should ever have to face
in life, the loss of their families in war.

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