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To the Veteran of the air
the One to whom
I say my nightly prayers


To the Veteran of world affairs
what ARE You doing
way up there?
Tell me the whys
of how its
so hard
(for us all)
way down here,
(for You up there?)
yes us,
the little people,
Your creation,
far, far below?

Are You
the One
I somehow owe?
if You could,
would You,
read my mind then
please, tell me so
all I'd ever need
or want
to know...
(is there some blueprint?)
or are You blind
or deaf
i say again,


Have I entered into this
(too unprepared)
to win
to place
or merely
am I
are we all
just for show?
(I'm sure there are a few
others just like me with
this burning need to know...)

Am I,
are we,
responsible only
for the effort?
exactly is it
about this particular question
(or answer)
that You must know?

I know
is some days
I feel as if
we're all just barely
beating past You, Father of Time.
And the queue we wait in
is much too too long of a
crooked line.

could you explain...
Where IS that oak tree
from the little acorn
I was supposed
to nourish and
to grow?

Have You
somewhere along the eons
of time
lost Your
own faith in us,
(Now am I asking too many
  questions? )
Am I being faithless or unkind?
Or, are we all
the un-redeemables
those You'd might call
the sunk-oh-so-lows?

Can You shake Your mighty head
and patently
without answering?
And how would we all know?

To the Veteran of the skies
the One  to whom
I say my nightly prayers...
(that's no surprise..)


I've petitioned
I've been thankful
I've learned to think of others
and intercede...

(Are You there?)
I am not
We are not
I have the faith to listen,
so why don't You just proceed...
Where did You, do You go?
Did You walk out
turn a silent ear
and simply leave?


h e l l o ?

h  e  l  l  o  ?

Or is this good-bye?

I've been penitent...
Have my messages not been received?
Am I practicing to be deceived?

I am still here for the now...though
on my smaller days
I somewhat have
my doubts...

I don't think You
in that regard
could ever disagree...
Being prayerful
is like being chained
to a vague

I woke up with this in my head at 5:20am ...not certain if  it will be understood as I'm
not necessarily religious, but spiritual.  So, I wrote it down, and will look at it again
much later.

Copyright Friday May 18 2012
All Rights Reserved Strictly By The Author
Melissa A Howells, Meloo from her Tilt-a-World

Well, I did look at it...and changed it up. Now I think I've got the poem, finally,
'saying' what I wanted it to say...

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