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 My today's thoughts

to Terry Always A Warrior  and the OTHER WARRIORS FOR AMERICA our WARRIOR POETS




I just read Terry's poem
again of when he came home from service in
Vietnam November 18, 1969.  
It shames me to know that Americans
could treat our service men/women so horrid.  
It is sad to say some of those cruel people are running
our country today.  
Those unwashed and lazy people were the terrorist of that day.
They hated America back then.  They hate America today.

Most Americans were busy working raising our families.
I recall watching on tv and being horrified at the way
those gallant heros were treated.  
I for one am very proud of Terry and the others who served with honor.
SHAME on those who were part of the disgrace they brought on our country.

We give to you baskets of roses and songs of praise to you all.
We ask God's richest blessings on you.

Kathy Collier

 June -  2011

It is with pride and sadness I post this write.
I have just now read the last three posts of our Warrior Poet,
Terry Always A Warrior  on the message board.
He in his writes reminds us of who we are and what
some people want us take from us.

He reminds us of our  allies who were/are willing to
 shed their blood  to keep peace in the world.
Australia is especially dear to my heart.  
They  were/are mighty Valiant warriors who are our allies.
My father talked of them often when I was a  child.  
He was proud we came from the same blood line
that most of them were from.

It  is hard for me to understand why people say
such nasty things about our  service men and women.  
Don't they understand it is because of them
they have the right to say anything they want
to about almost anything here in America.

They should be, as we all should be thankful
we have a military that stands on the wall to protect us.
Some of them back in the 60's and 70's were just boys going off
to war to do a man's job.

While others took the less then brave way out and fled to Canada.  
Which one of these two groups where unAmerican!  
Sad to say some of those who fled are now running our country.

I am proud of Terry our WARRIOR POET and the stand he takes on this issue.
Some of the young people do not know what was going on back then.  
The history books have been rewritten.  
They do not teach history the way it was then.
I know this is true for I have taught History in schools.

I say BRAVO Terry!  Keep it up.  
You are not on a battlefield per-se,  
but you are still in a battle to en-lighten and wake us up in America.  

GOD Bless America and the Warriors who protects us and their families .

Blessings to all,
Kathy Collier  sunshine12 -  June -  2011
Added to and reposted in  November - 2014

Ecclesiastes 3:8 Holy Bible King  James Version

8. A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

to Terry Always A Warrior and the OTHER WARRIORS FOR AMERICA our WARRIOR POETS



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