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Go forth into the world and leave your mark
Whether famous and rich or unknown and poor
We each bring something to this world of ours

If you tried and failed at least you had tried
But if you do succeed and reap life's own rewards
Never forget from where you had started out from

For us to ignore where we had come from in life
Would be a slap in the face to all you had known
And who in their own way made you who you are

Even though many think they made it by themselves
It is really a combination of all lessons learned
From every person or experience we had in our life

So never be arrogant or look down on other people
For if not for all of them our world wouldn't work
And you yourself would not have become who you are

Help those in life wherever and whenever you can  
Never lose sight of what could be here on Earth
If only we'd help each other instead of fighting

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Just the thoughts of an old warrior on this early morning
having listened to the news of more fighting, more crime
and just to many incidents where people have no respect
for each other. Seems to many are ready to start fighting
and resort to violence rather than to stop and think things
through rationally before totally losing it on another one.
It's not just soldiers and countries fighting each other,
it is neighbor against neighbor and right down to younger
and younger kids resorting to guns and murder to solve the
differences between each other now days in this world.  

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