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                                     Deep in the Florida Swamp, lies Carter’s Lake
The brilliant fireball slowly descends behind the evening darkness, creating a lavender hue;
as a fine white mist drifts in from the lake over the tall, Spanish moss covered cypress trees.
The glass like surface of Carter’s lake is broken only by an occasional splash of a fat bass catching a late meal.
An osprey lands in the top of a tall oak tree and prepares to roost for the long summer night.
A large flock of ravens noisily searches the shoreline for a quick meal before taking flight.
A giant gator loudly bellows from the opposite bank, calling for a mate, as a fat cottonmouth slithers into the brackish waters of the large Florida Lake. The busy dragonflies flutter from one cattail to another, seeking tiny insects.
Darkness quickly descends on the swampy lake and the thousands of insects start their serenade of buzzing and endless humming of mosquitoes, the chirping of crickets, throughout the warm summer night.
Just beyond the lake’s edge, a strange, greenish gold, flickering light, known as “Goblin’s Gold” reflects off a large, dead log; making the ambience of the swampy night eerie, and frightful.
The humidity is high making the night air thick and sticky.  The full moon slips between the small, drifting white clouds as it races across the night sky. The blood curdling sound of a lone Wolf howling at the full moon can be heard in the distance.  All the animals take notice for this is no normal wolf…it’s the cry of a werewolf! This half wolf, half man has stalked this area for years. Unsuspecting hunters, fishermen and campers have fallen prey to him over the years.  But no one has actually seen him up close. There has been strange incidents of animals such as cows, found killed by something with large fangs. The deaths of those he has killed were always reported as accidental drowning. But, the locals know better, knowing that no one drowns with deep fang marks on their bodies.  From time to time, the locals have gotten glimpses of his hairy body in their car headlights, crossing the swampy roads late at night, but few speak of it.
Legend has it, that a young man years ago was hunting in the area and was attacked by a rabid wolf and went mad! He still lives in the swamp to this day as a werewolf. On moon lit nights, the eerie sound of a howling wolf can be heard throughout the hot muggy, summer nights at Carter’s Lake.
If you happen to visit Northwest Florida, you might want to try the great bass fishing at Carter’s Lake, but be advised, leave the lake before nightfall or you may not leave at all!
Jackie R. Kays
© 5/23/12

Note:My son, Johnnie and I use to fish Carter's Lake back in the late sixties and early seventies. A really spooky place at night!

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