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IF you have a little girl
Who will one day
Be a  woman
If you love  her,
With respect
Shell love you back.
She'll be the best thing in your world,
If you love her and treat her right...
Diamonds are like girls...

If you have a little boy who will
one day be a man
men need loving too
don't forget.
You need to show Him,
Loves affection
Let him show you off...
He'll glow in your reflection.
Diamonds are like girls

Men are emeralds.
Rocks all there own.
Men are shoulders
Which you can cry upon.
But women are the Jewels that shine,
in all the world.
If you have a little girl
Who'll one day be a woman
Give her love and treat her right
For the rest of your life...
Diamonds are like girls
Diamonds are like girls