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The Dentist

I went to see the dentist
for a check up and cleaning
I entered alone in a brown room,
one receptionist texting.
She kept talking bout how good
the dentist was.
when he arrived
he was  Late and Disheveled.
He started rambling
and talking fast
on and  on
about nonsense
about my teeth...
next thing I know
he pulled out 6 !

blood flying everywhere
stuck the needle in,
 so I'd be quiet!
I was screaming
to no avail
now I'm walking around
without a smile.

My smile used to be
one of my features
now I'm needing
 a whole right side of dentures
this horrible excuse for a dentist
Dr. Mirabuleee
A man with no morals
rock star wannabe

Dr. Mirabulee.
No anti biotic's
no pain medicine
no partial
no follow through
he took me for a ride
for 600 bucks Dr. MiraBulee Please!
Where's my old smile, I miss it so bad
I walk around sucking on my cheek
so self conscious I can barely speak
and when I do
I just get hoarse
dry mouth,
lack of teeth
has me impaired.

Can't get a lawyer
there's no one who can help
not even the Dental Board of California!
They've got too many complaints!
 Dr. Mirabile
got awwway with it
now I'm stuck
with no right side teeth,
Wish I could find my justice
But for now  it just is what it is !
and It sucks!