once upon a time 
  john Mc Guckin

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Silently screaming,
Mouth wide open,  no sound coming forth
Only awareness in her mind is the tear in heart she is trying to hide.
Door slammed on her life, standing still
Heart rent apart by the tragedy of big city dreams,
Moving on, her mind drifts to the old should have been
But now there’s only strangers on the downtown train. 
Screeching to a halt, the train utters her silent scream.
Another dank hallway in another city subway
 Heartless in its indifference
The city tells her nothing's left but despair.
Casting her heart aside, crying on the escalator to nowhere
She steps off into downtown's pitilessness. 
As usual no one's around to hear the sound of her heart screaming
Screaming silently at a city that doesn't give a damn.

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