Closing Doors – May 2012

18th May 2012, after almost 50 since being posted to the regiment, we arranged a small reunion there; just 8 of us, and first time all together since 1964.  You can imagine how the time flew and what a great time was haed by all.  This and F-ANSI Boys reunion are part of the story.
Thanks to Eric and Jacko for organising and to John who made local arrangements so it ran smoothly,and Alan, Baxie, Colin, Bill, and Keith for being there.

Like a misplaced book with
Just one chapter to read
The return to this place
Was a niggling little need.

The old village has changed,
Sort of rebuilt and re grown,
Very little really left of the
Village that I had known.
They say going back is
Not a good thing to do
But for me I was so pleased
The village had been renewed.

I felt the same peace, followed
Footpaths trodden before
Visited remembered places
Just to see them once more;
Two villages now filed ready for
Review any where any when,
The past with the present
No need to go there again.

The book can now be closed
With the last chapter read
The village past and present
Gently merged in my head

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Closing Doors – May 2012

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