Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

I miss how I used to be

I miss how I used to be.
My feelings were inseperable,
And now they rip themselves apart;
Shredding themselves beyond recognition.

Now I walk around being tantalized
By sharp objects and wounded morals.

I've tainted tears I can give to no one.
I can shed them for no one but myself;
The scandal I'm a part of kills away
The beauty I once held on to.

I'm dredging my fears.
I've built a fortress of depression so large
And impenetrable, even I can't get out.

My scintillating soul bruises easy.
There's no ventilation for me in this world,
Or in this body.

When I realize my worth,
How much destruction will I wager
To build it up some?

Or will the doubts rabble away the importance
I once held deep inside of me?


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I miss how I used to be

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