Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

I am a void

This madness is ineffable.
It chooses to slither around in my mind,
This dangerous viper will not leave
And I cringe with each hiss.

This mercurial memory that will not leave
After I struggled so long and hard to
Bring it back to life, I wish it would run
Its course so I could get back to the old me.

I cannot help but to dwell in this insanity,
And I meet with the deep end, thinking
I can jump but there aren't enough rocks
At the bottom of this cliff to take me out.

A sudden outburst as powerful as a fire cracker
Breaks the black silence and pushes me
Into the hideous shadows on the wall.
I miss me, I miss what I was; for now, I am a void.


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I am a void

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