Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Back from the shadows

I sneak about in the darkness.
As the ice melts, the pitter patter of water
Drowns out my doubts.

They all forgot about me,
Left me to my demise.

Just as I wanted.

I lit the fires and sacrificed the highest ranking angel's
To get this far, Satan will not deny me.
Nor will he throw me out like once before.

I will raise his army, I will show him deviance.
I will be his henchman, his servant, his friend.
I will be the only one he trusts.

Despite the greyness he once threw me into,
I can learn forgiveness.
Can't I?

I lust for the dark one as I search the pit.
As everything thaws, demons crack from their frozen forms
And cling upon the catacombs of the dark mine shafts of hell.

Like a spider, I creep and crawl my way to Satan's throne,
Eager to throw myself down and pledge my allegiance.

The hell pit is alive with fire and damnation.
The roar of flame warms me.
The screams of souls titillate me.
In my hand, I hold the feathery remains of many angel wings,
Covered in beautiful blood.

While I was not able to find the Father God and
Sacrifice him to my liege, but the softness of
An angel's touch is afforded to few and will make a lovely gift.

I enter his paradise, I see him cringe at the cold.
The furnace of hell is warming up fast but not fast enough.
I'm not timid or meek when I stand before him;
I stand like a warrior worthy of the highest decree.

Our eyes meet and I can't help but feel anxiety slither
About in my belly.
Recognition washes over his face.

"I thought I cast you out?"
I give a smile and make my offer.
He can only scoff.

"So many like you have come with same offers," he responds.
"You are the same, and so nothing has changed."
I say nothing and hand him the gift and again, he sneers.
A silence so dark stands between us.

I have no words unless he wants me to.

"You are different this time around, you are darker,"
He snarls as the fires grow hotter.
"Perhaps your time in limbo was well spent."

"What else will you offer me?"
His voice is full of hiss and rasp.
I throw down my wares, arms held out.
I've nothing on my person and I've never been the type
To hold on to a soul for too long.

He observes me, judges me, studies me.
I'm many feet from him but I can feel his eyes wash over me.
I feel the dirtiness in his heart.
It overwhelms me, boils around me, consumes me.

I almost like it too much.

I fold away my wings and wait for
His desires to be made known.

"Wings, I have," Satan snickers,
"But from you, I want the only thing still alive."

His laughter is loud and echoes through the caverns of hell.
I perspire and realize that I'm more human than I can admit.
My lifetimes in limbo did not equal death.
In heaven, I still had a pulse and in hell, I could still burn.

A knife is holstered to my thigh and I grab it.
Satan smiles and we both know what happens next.

The blade is sharp, forged from angel and demon bones.
I stab it into my chest, very slowly.
The deeper I go, the more I bleed.
Blood squirts out and Satan looks lustfully at me.
Panic fills me as I carve deeper into my chest.

Once a deep slit has been, I throw down the knife.
With two hands, I rip the slit wide open until
My beating heart is visible.

Blood continues to gush.
My own life force has be drenched.
I reach into my chest cavity, wrap my fingers around the
Still beating heart, and pull it out.

With my heart in my hand, I fall to my knees,
Arm outstretch to offer Satan the only living thing in my body.
I collapse in a heap and my breath becomes more shallow.

The beautiful red demon gets up and grabs my heart.
"You have proven yourself," he says,
"In seven days, you will be reborn. You will be mine."

My body shudders with death.
But you can't kill something that never had a life to begin with.

Satan walks away with the heart and I am left alone,
A corpse bleeding out.
I smile to you, dear reader.

Everything is going according to plan.


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Back from the shadows

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