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Part-Time Temp Position Update

Lord, four weeks ago by Your provision
You supplied this part-time temp position
I know You placed me there for a reason
Whether it be short-term or a long season

Prior Friday and this week was challenging
With a permanent employee vacationing
Causing unneeded panic by management
Requesting more help from the department

With all the down time normally experienced
Why not let us four temps be more involved
With a chance to get it done in the morning
Extra work would be less slack time spending

Each day varies from one to four temps working
Allow that to be a primary indicator in planning
Another full time employee has same responsibility
I sense we could have accomplished it with certainty

Other employees are trained for multiple job duties
But us temps are limited in our scope and abilities
Even though we were trained for deposit corrections
Many times no work is available for those transactions

Also found out the added new bank will not be our role
I jumped to the wrong conclusion by what I heard overall
Extra hours will only be possible on an as needed basis
Not very likely at the current rate of slack time paces

But head supervisor of department did indicate her plans
Once us four temps are fully trained with future at hand
By removing two full time employees from shared duty
To leave us temps for a trial period with all responsibility

Concerns already raised behind her back in the department
Discussing reasons it would not work out to even implement
I trust the judgment of the head supervisor and it gives me hope
Especially in the slow times when I need more patience to cope

© Carol S. 6/2/12

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