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All across this nation there is a group called Honor Flight, they volunteer and use their
own private airplanes or provide free airline flights for soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines
and coast guard veterans who served in World War II to be able to go to Washington DC to see
the recently completed monument build on the Washington Mall in honor of those who fought for
our freedom and helped to save the world during World War II before they die from old age or
other illnesses and to show America's and Americans appreciation for all they did for us in
that war. The video here was sent to me this morning by a fellow Vietnam Veteran who knows it
would mean a great deal to me and that I would share it here in honor of them. This video is
one that a passenger who was waiting for his flight out of Washington DC took as an airline
employee announced that a special Honor Flight was now arriving at gate 38 at Reagan Airport
and this video show the unplanned and surprising reaction of everyone around the passenger
gate area and the airport terminal as the first veteran stepped off the plane. It lasted for
over twenty some minutes until the last veteran had stepped off of the plane and the respect
and honor that these Americans showed to these old veterans brought tears to everyone there
who witnessed this event. This is the America that I remember as a kid growing up and if this
is any indication of how we Americans feel now, then just maybe we can all have a brand new
fresh start in November and help return the greatness and respect back to our beloved nation.
Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior

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