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Orange Leaf Tree



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Threads ( Prompt#20)

Countryside Spring Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, to see a lovely scene of nature

A beautiful work of art

Who would think or even imagine

The woven piece of handicraft

Was created with a few colorful threads

A few basic instructions

Using a needle, hoop, and threads

Patience, time, and endurance are needed

A willing desire to complete the project

The colorful threads joined together

To create this divine piece of work

A masterpiece a lovely scene of nature

Just like in life

At times the threads may become tangled

Sometimes they break

With time, patience, and love

They are untangled

It is the same with our lives

Each life is made up of threads from birth

These threads sometimes become tangled

We twist and turn the threads

Sometimes they break

We need mending and stitching

We then continue on in various stages

To hold together, weave into the tapestry and the fabric of life

Creating beauty, harmony, and peace

ŠJune 7, 2012 Janet Irene Griffin

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Threads ( Prompt#20)



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