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 The Father I Love...The Sickness I Hate

This poem was written by my husbands Step-son Idris
it tells of the impact that he had upon Idris's Life.

The Father I Love...The Sickness I Hate
There is a man that I think of ,literally, daily,
Staying up after Fajr, till sunrise, reading, as he taught me
Not a time do I read Quran, Except that I remember he taught me,
(I still recite the "Ha Meems" with the rhythm that he taught me)
Nor Sahih Al -Bukhari, Except that I remember he taught me,
Nor Sahih Muslim, Except that I remember he taught me,
Nor Sunan Abu Dawood, Except that I remember he taught me,
And after traveling "1\2 WAY ACROSS THE WORLD", I must say frankly,
The rearing we received was nothing less than scholarly,
Then he coupled strong heart & mind with strong body,
and organizational skills, and cleanliness that was nothing shy of godly,
All clothes clean, pressed, and hanging before retiring nightly,
All chores done, gusles taken, before retiring nightly,
50 push -ups, 100 sit-ups, 50 crunches before every dinner...
and before every breakfast, spring, summer, autumn, & winter,
Jogging in the mornings, at the Central High track,
and the one time around the entire Schyulkill, with no slack,
(I still remember the bamboo stick, and him jogging right in back),
He taught me about my body, what I could only dream,
500 sit- ups straight, and with each one laughing in between,
He taught us morphology, prefixes, suffixes, root words,
University level knowledge, people our age had never heard,
from benefits of the military, to male -female anatomy,
From the truth behind American holidays,
to the truth behind American history,
All Praise and thanks are due to Allah,
for the Beloved MAN he chose to rear me,
and please forgive me for my SICKNESS of Isolation I have that limits me
from being in touch at all times, as I should be,
The least due to this beloved man and his impact upon me,
Even my facial expressions, demeanor in the streets, all that binds me,
Even the little things to him...were mountians to me,
From taking us to Fairmount Park, to taking us to see...
First Blood, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Rocky 2 & 3,
Explained to us how to detect the hidden evil agendas behind any movie,
The scar on my left bicept, he put there, which saved me,
from going down with a "friend" whose now doing life in prison, he had the
insight to see,
Digging through the buttons and lent in his pocket for more...
than the change needed, so we could get something too from the store,



-Idris M. Abdullah


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