I've tried to make it in this town
All I seem to do is be brought down
I put up flags for months at the rodeo
Now there's no trespassing signs there, you know?

This place is here for the old timers
If you're new and a rhymer
They don't really give a damn
Rather give you a big wham

With a bomb
Come on mom
Get out while you can
This town is not yours mam

Better get on down the road
Take off the heavy load
Of trying to fit in here
Anywhere, because you lose, they don't care

They don't care if you cry
Probably don't care if you die
You'd be better off here dead anyway
There's no place now for me to play

Not wanted at the pub
Send someone else to get some grub
Not wanted at the Rodeo Grounds
It's no wonder no one ever comes around

This is the most painful day
I should pack up and run away
When I had such big plans
For staying here making my stand

This place don't love you
There's no God here above you
There's nothing here but small minds that hate
I better leave for it's too late

To pick up and carry myself back to town
This place only leaves me down
They don't want my country or my flags
I am just another old hag

Trying to fit in where I don't belong
Go ahead sing your sad song
We cannot hear you
Anyway, we don't care to

Just go on
Let the small minded be gone
Let them rot away do tell
They should have named this place

Candy's Hell.

6/7/2012 1510 cj

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