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The courts are clogged like commodes
Where justice waits to be flushed,
Leadership mediocre,
Political jokers,
Misinformation is disguised as higher education on
Academic plantation where
Comedians perform in classrooms
And knowledge has become a joke,
The most private matters are publicly spoke,
As Zuckerman makes billions per poke
As he eats fish eggs and sips fine wine,
The percentage known as 99,
Still protest as they build records of arrest,
The homeless live in cardboard boxes down the street
From the Black Family that occupy the white house,
Slavery without chains
From imbecilic brains,
Citadels of sin
Where shepherds devour the sheep from within,
Pedophiles wear smiles and crucifixes are in style,
As choir boys scream...
As they are stuck in confession booths of the unredeemed,
The Shaytonic consciousness given physical form,
Homosexual perversion marketed as the new norm,
Did Franklin D. plan this to be a part of "The New Deal?"
Technological medical barbarity,
Sanity a rarity...
Plastic surgeons burdened
With making the nonexistent real,
Cutting flesh until Zombies feel
Silicon and implants are real,
And it is okay, okay, okay...
The skin heads, teabaggers, birthers, halloweeners
And ghost of the secret order of the white hoodies
Attempt to slay the Negroes who garden
And hope to stay on Pennsylvania Avenue
Hoping to plant Barak-oli,
But not six feet deep.
Abu Lateef

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