Malvina Men

                                                         Malvina Men

In Ireland we should be grateful, we have the army and protection
Just a few short years ago, thanks to Britain and their quick detection
This land of ours could have changed so much
We're happy here with the army dear, and a possible united nation
The Malvinas, God Bless Maggie, she saved us from those peoples
The news flash said London's invaded with penguins climbing steeples
They're heading towards number ten, they've invaded Leicester Square
Maggie called her cabinet and asked if they were black or white
If they are black, deport the creatures, if they are white then it's all right
Those penguins might take the palace and be our monarch new
They might rid the unemployment, and make work for me and you
They'll straighten out the mess I've made, human rights may be on the list
Those black and white Malvina Men might open my iron fist
Did you support us those men would ask when Argentina came
Because you did the said to Maggie well back you once again
You can have what you're entitled too and that's not very much
We won't attack your home at night or search you on the street
We'll even let you beat your drum on the twelfth day of July
Your bloody hands from eighty-one, your future the devil knows
You will enjoy you're civil rights, we'll intern you, that's for sure
Well guarantee a strip search daily, it's your right be you rich or poor
You can leave the blanket once a month, more than other men could do
No parcels will you gladly collect, you know that's not a right
Why did Maggie make these rules? The penguins couldn't understand
How many blatant apartheid rules could exist in Ireland
Those black and white Malvina men held council and took a vote
Democracy in Ireland does not exist, they put Maggie on a boat
She's out there in the ocean, harmless until she lands
For all the pirate ships at sea, don't pick up Maggie T
If you do you may wake up next day, you're country won't be free
That refugee that the Malvinas know rules with an iron hand
Your children will have her civil rights with her internment and legislation
You'll have no future under Maggie said the penguins black and white
Those Malvina men so little, with their daily British rights
They would rather be free and live in the sea with support for a united nation

                                        Gerrard McGeachy

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Malvina Men

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