Clonard Street

                                                Clonard Street

Davitts Bar at Clonard Street guarded by the Falls
The majic eye upon the wall screens the black and tans that call
From the Cashmere Road to the Springfield with McGlynchy's on the side
The foot patrol makes their daily trip, they intimidate with pride
From jails they came, social rejects, face time or load your gun
How simple minded can those assassins be, are you over twenty one?
The intimidation daily by the men that missed the jail
Will never stop the provisional, the struggle will prevail
My recent trip to my cultural past gave me happiness with some grief
I walked with freedom in the land of my past until I met the foreign thief
I walked around from Kilmore Place to the Falls with friendly strangers
Where the orange peelers and the imperial brits inflict their daily dangers
I was confronted on the Falls Road by a terrorist with SAS connection
An obvious lack of human rights, another Brit aggression
 A passport holding North American harassed by a British Hun
To face a retard with a gun, their intimidation is not much fun
To see the children of the world enjoy life in freedoms way
Every mothers wish is that the child of the womb has hapiness every day
It's not allowed in Ireland, the army takes pleasure loading their gun
Someday soon there will be no guns, freedom's here at last, the struggle has been won

                         Gerrard McGeachy

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Clonard Street

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